Professional Services Fees & Packages

Our Service Fees

We are a 'fee-for-service' investment practice and our professional costs are always expressed in dollars rather than percentages of assets except for portfolio management as detailed below. This means that our fees reflect the comprehensive nature and quality of the work we do rather than how much we invest or what products we sell. Our professional services include:

  1. Preparation of Statements of Advice (SoA). You pay for our knowledge, experience, our time and resources used in preparing the Statement of Advice. This task can range from simple to very complex and this is reflected in the fee charged.
  2. Implementation of recommendation in the SoA once accepted and authorised by you. This involves execution and procession of investment instructions in a timely manner and administration of reporting to you.
  3. Portfolio management program. We will quote an annual fee based on the complexity of your circumstances and the extent and nature of your investments. This fee is reviewed annually. This arrangement is the more cost-effective option for clients with complex circumstances, such as self-managed superannuation funds, direct equities portfolios, asset protection and estate planning issues.
  4. Annual review service fee. This is charged where clients do not elect to take the Portfolio Management Program and covers any professional costs incurred for services rendered such as annual investment review, placement of investments, additional consultation and the like. This service fee reflects the responsibility and costs in simply administering their investment portfolio and is usually calculated as a percentage of the portfolio.

    This arrangement is suited to clients whose requirements are simple and investments are not extensive at this time and who may be implementing a passive investment strategy.

We are flexible on payment methods and clients who prefer not to be directly invoiced for services rendered may opt to have these fees debited from any one of the investments they hold. Electronic funds transfer (EFT) is also an optional payment method. Unfortunately, we cannot accept payments by credit card, nor do we deal with any cash transactions.

As a general rule of practice, the cost of our initial consultation (one hour) is credited towards the cost of any services subsequently rendered. We offer this service simply because many people are not entirely certain about what specific financial or investment advice they may need, or whether seeking such advice is going to be of value to them; we aim to remove that uncertainty and clarify any potential added value.

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