The following documents and commentary deal with the legislative and regulatory aspects surrounding the administration and management od self managed superannuation funds. They are intended to be educational, informative and thought-provoking. The contents of these reports are of a general nature and do not constitute investment advice, nor should they be construed as personal or specific recommendation.

To that extent, AUGEO recommends that investors and trustees of self managed superannuation funds seek professional assistance and advice with regard to the management of their fund.

Political shenanigan in an election year will ensure no enonomic recovery in the US until 2013 | Europe will unwillingly accept its economic reality, Eurozone will face structural change as peripheral countries finally default leaving bond markets in chaos | China will move to slow its economy to avert economic meltdown as export-led recovery fails to materialize. This will impact the resources boom in Australia, lead to higher unemployment and potential recession spurred by weak manufacturing and retail