• This service is provided on a fee-for-service. It gives you the freedom to contact us and permits us to raise issues of concern, identify opportunities, and take appropriate action where necessary. You retain full control and ownership of your investments at all times. AUGEO Pty Ltd acts in an advisory and intermediary capacity only
  • Advance notice of investment opportunities eg. Public listing of companies
  • Half-yearly or annual reviews of your investment portfolio, where meetings would be arranged to discuss these reviews as required
  • Recommendation for changes to investments as necessary due to changes in your personal circumstances, taxation laws, government regulations, fund managers, investment products or economic circumstances
  • Liaison with other professionals eg, accountants and solicitors to meet your needs as they arise
  • An optional Management Service in addition to reviews where Augeo Wealth Management accepts responsibility for administering and monitoring your investment portfolio, and communicates necessary actions to you on a needs-basis
  • Provision of electronic newsletters, economic commentaries and market reports about financial and investment matters through our website
  • Notification of specific investment opportunities

Political shenanigan in an election year will ensure no enonomic recovery in the US until 2013 | Europe will unwillingly accept its economic reality, Eurozone will face structural change as peripheral countries finally default leaving bond markets in chaos | China will move to slow its economy to avert economic meltdown as export-led recovery fails to materialize. This will impact the resources boom in Australia, lead to higher unemployment and potential recession spurred by weak manufacturing and retail