We offer a range of financial and investment services to meet individual needs:

1. Comprehensive Financial Service - a detailed process dealing with:

a. Analysis of your current circumstances
b. Identification of your investment objectives and personal needs
c. Determination of your 'risk profile'
d. Development of an investment strategy to achieve these objectives whether they happen to be for: Retirement security, Wealth creation, Children's education, Home ownership, Business set-up, etc.
e. Protection of your wealth, Estate Planning and Risk Management (insurance analysis)

2. Limited Financial Service - where you seek advice and services for a specific purpose such as: What to do with your superannuation, inheritance, windfall, proceeds from the sale of an asset, etc. Purchase your first house Managing your cash flow more efficiently Specific investments i.e. share portfolio, managed investments, investment property, etc.

3. Placement Advice Service - where you have an amount of money and simply want good advice about where to invest it.

4. Execution Only Service - where you have an amount of money, know where you want to invest it but wish to reduce your initial investment costs.

5. Ongoing Review Service - an investment plan should be a living document and cannot be allowed to simply become irrelevant and ineffective because of inattention. Your world will change and your investment plan must change with it. We offer this service that included:

a. Annual Review Meeting and Report
b. Access to investment and legislative advice at call
c. Shares investing and transaction services
d. Investment research and market analysis

6. Administration and compliance of self managed Super fund (SMSF) – assistance and guidance to trustee(s) to administer a compliant fund and meet their roles and responsibilities under the SIS Act and ATO regulations.

On each occasion, all advice and recommendation are provided in writing and all relevant fees and charges are clearly disclosed in a Statement of Advice.

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