Our mission is to provide clients with strong knowledge and maximum choice around money management to enable them to make informed and confident investment decisions.

We are client-focused. Our primary interest centres on coaching and empowering our investor clients to take control of their financial decisions and assisting them to implement the right strategies to drive them towards their personal goals.

We have the market knowledge and professional expertise, industry experience and strategic alliances to enable us to properly address our clients' financial objectives.

Holding our own Australian Financial Services Licence allows us to act free from any restriction or limitation when providing financial advice and making investment recommendation tailored for the specific needs of our individual clients.

And everything we do is based on the fundamentals of our KEPT promise to you, the client, backed by our Knowledge Experience Professionalism and Transparency

You remain our client, not your money. Our personal approach begins with clearly identifying and understanding your personal needs concerns and goals, and ensues to designing the right investment strategy to make it all happen. Money management is a process of incorporating tangible financial decisions with intangible emotional behaviour. Success can only be achieved when a strategic balance is struck to ensure that all needs are holistically addressed.

Augeo Wealth Management will guide you through the transitional stages of life, assisting you to:

  • Set realistic goals
  • Implement appropriate investment strategies
  • Reach your desired outcomes

We do not make decisions for clients. We advise and educate our clients to make their own informed decisions.

An ever-changing landscape in financial markets and legislative law make managing one's finances and investments seem like a daunting task and many are simply overwhelmed by it. AUGEO helps to simplify this, and does so in a mentoring capacity.

We firmly believe that education and knowledge is the surest way for anyone to take charge of their financial life.

We thank you for browsing our website. If you have any questions about our site or would like to know more about our services, please call us on 61 2 4984 5545.

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