Investing in Shares

When a business needs money to start up or to expand its operations, rather than borrow money, it will issue shares to raise money. When you buy shares in a company, you own part of that company and can benefit by receiving part of the profits and by sharing in any growth in the value of the company.

Australians have been investing in shares for well over 150 years, but only recently have they been doing so in large numbers. Today, at least two out of every five adult Australians own shares, either directly or through a managed share investment.
Although shares experience short-term volatility, historically, shares have performed better than most other investments over the long-term. Shares are liquid, easily accessible and cost less to own than many other investments.

The Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) is Australia's national stock exchange. It has primary responsibility for the operation of a Share trading market where companies can issue shares, and investors can trade in those shares.

AUGEO Pty Ltd, a licensed dealer in securities, are specialist in direct equities investment and portfolio management, and are able to provide you further information on investing in shares and advise you whether direct shares are the right investment for you.

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