Estate Planning is the logical extension to the financial planning process.

Having put your financial plan into place to ensure your family's future financial security, estate planning can be a tax efficient means of transferring your assets.

At its core, estate planning aims to lessen the stress for grieving families during an already painful time.

In essence, estate planning involves three basic elements: deciding how an estate will be divided; making or modifying your will; and providing the means to ensure that your wishes can be carried out.

A well-constructed estate plan entails much more than making a will. It may, for example, include: appointing a power of attorney - one person or a group of people you trust to look after your financial and business affairs; establishing a discretionary or family trust to protect your wealth; establishing a testamentary trusts to reduce your family's tax liability after the main breadwinner's death; and appointing a trustee and/or executor to carry out your wishes as per your will.

Estate Planning forms a complex and important part of any financial plan and we strongly recommend that you seek proper legal advice from your solicitor or legal representative.

AUGEO Wealth Management is able to review and discuss your Estate Planning requirements in confidence, and make recommendations regarding important issues to consult with your solicitor. For more information about Estate Planning or for a confidential risk-free consultation contact us on 02 4984 5545

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