10 Popular Myths. Some People…….

  1. Confuse financial planning with investing.
  2. Think that financial planning is only for the wealthy.
  3. Think that using an investment manager means losing control.
  4. Think that financial planning is only for when nearing retirement
  5. Wait until a money crisis happens to start financial planning.
  6. Never set measurable financial goals.
  7. Make a financial decision without understanding its effect on other financial issues.
  8. Neglect to re-evaluate their financial strategy periodically.
  9. Expect unrealistic returns on investments.
  10. Believe that financial planning is primarily tax planning

Investing is but one part of financial planning. For more information about how to implement an effective financial strategy or for a comprehensive assessment of your current financial position, contact AUGEO Wealth Management on 02 4984 5545 for a risk-free consultation.

Political shenanigan in an election year will ensure no enonomic recovery in the US until 2013 | Europe will unwillingly accept its economic reality, Eurozone will face structural change as peripheral countries finally default leaving bond markets in chaos | China will move to slow its economy to avert economic meltdown as export-led recovery fails to materialize. This will impact the resources boom in Australia, lead to higher unemployment and potential recession spurred by weak manufacturing and retail